Weekend blues

Do you know those moments of extreme rigidity? You probably do. What I meant is if you spot it when you are in it.  Usually I can. It is a strange feeling though, you realise that spotting does not necessarily mean stopping. Your ability to switch the mood probably depends whether or not  you have the possibility to take distance from mundane life to gain more perspective.

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Anxiety: Good morning !

I recently read that one of our mightiest enemy “anxiety”, which we try to avoid at any cost, needs to be (gradually) introduced in a child’s life in the first years of life. This is one of the cornerstones of a healthy development and preparation for one’s future life.

But why do parents bring in the anxiety in those little innocent babies’ lives if they can avoid it? Well, because first we cannot live an anxiety-free life and second it is a very innate feeling that we cannot cut off our selves from (unless we are on a pathological path of dealing with life), it will always be there. So the anxiety is there and will be there. What significantly contributes in one’s relaxed attitude and equanimity is the proper and wholehearted management of the feelings of anxiety. Hmmm… then how? Certainly there is no universal recipe that would fit everyone. It is meaningful and crucial to find our own way of dealing with it. Continue reading “Anxiety: Good morning !”

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CV upside down

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Over the weekend, following a friend’s feedback, I updated my CV before my mass wave of applications for my summer internship in a psychiatric clinic (YES! So exciting !!!) A simple task, which was to mention the “education” section before the “work experience”, unexpectedly became contemplating on the steps that I had taken and the current validity of some of the stated details and explanations. Funny to see how some accomplishments, skills became almost oblivious. I cannot deny that I learned so much over my three years of corporate experience, but at the end most of it was a word salad and rhetoric. Although those can be very useful (in almost any business), I prefer content over a polished ways of stating common sense. So, at the end, my CV is much shorter now. I am sure the “straight-to-the-point” version will be friendlier and more effective.

Wonder-land in my head

Did you find yourself in a long-lasting, disagreeable and uneasy situation? Of course you did, but think about it: how long did it last? Damn!  Mine has taken SO LONG !

OK, let me give you some background info. I have made a career change two years ago. I left my corporate job at the a-holeland and started a training in psychotherapy. You know how everybody reacts to this kind of jump. My family was worried and kept asking me ( in “subtly” different forms) if I was not making a mistake or overreacting. Continue reading “Wonder-land in my head”


“Dreams are the bridge between the conscious and unconscious, often the first place where psychological change manifests, before the waking ego experiences it. Self and ego, archetypal and material events mingle freely. Asleep, we have no volition and are vulnerable to the power of the unconscious and its language of symbols.”

Lena B. Ross, Psyche’s Stories

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