Wonder-land in my head

Did you find yourself in a long-lasting, disagreeable and uneasy situation? Of course you did, but think about it: how long did it last? Damn!  Mine has taken SO LONG !

OK, let me give you some background info. I have made a career change two years ago. I left my corporate job at the a-holeland and started a training in psychotherapy. You know how everybody reacts to this kind of jump. My family was worried and kept asking me ( in “subtly” different forms) if I was not making a mistake or overreacting. Deep inside me, despite being in the chaos of unresolved problems this change brought, I knew this was the right thing. Two years later, I still think the same. Actually i am proud of myself. I did listen to my heart, gut, or my inner voice; and unsurprisingly it was right.

Of course I had to make countless adjustments due to this decision of career change: mundane things, yet important to resolve for a peaceful life. The first year was absolutely AWFUL, I feel like I went down in the earth, reached the burning magma or so. Anyways, things started to take off slowly and today I am OK. I feel free, I do have a certain control over my life and maybe the most important is that I am a happy human being. This feeling of happiness does not require the presence or the absence of something, it is just there. Nevertheless, from time to time I find myself wondering how things will actually reach a more agreeable level, you know… in terms of work and financials. I just wonder. I do know that eventually things shift in the day-to-day life as well. I just wonder, when…

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