Hey! I’m Sophie. I am a 30 y-o non-European living in a European city. I am not gorgeous like one of your Instaqueens. So, this blog is not a place where you will be seeing never-ending holiday pictures in some tropical places nor will be reading some motivational phrases like “love yourself”. You wont’ be  following the story of a perfect romantic relationship either…

Here you will get acquainted to some random thoughts spurting from the feelings oscillating between pain and hope in my (very dear) life struggle. I will expose my dirty laundries: the voice of my superego and my self-sabotaging thoughts popping up in my daily life. This is an attempt to identify them better and better everyday, to remove their destructive influences and to be equanimous. Let’s see what’s waiting me down the road!

I am glad if my posts bring a tiny sense of relief when/if you feel miserable, in moment of despair, and loneliness.

Warm hugs to you dear reader 😉